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  For appointments with our staff, call: (510) 841-3224

AT for Employment

Digital tool use is increasingly imperative to obtain and retain gainful employment. Employees and job seekers who face access barriers to use digital tools are often excluded from the job market. We work with individuals, organizations, and companies to identify and implement access tools and strategies so workers can start and keep working. Please contact us to help you or your employees access their digital work tools.

We assess the individual’s computer needs, make recommendations in a written report, and can provide technology set up and training on assistive technology solutions.

Counselors are also welcome to call us at (510) 841-3224 or email us to ask questions or arrange services.

To get the process going right away, download a copy of our Computer Access Referral Form (pdf). Once this form is complete, fax it to us at (510) 841-7956.