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 Center for Accessible Technology 39 Years of Service

Assistive Technology (AT)


A staff member gives a presentation on assistive technology to a group of visitors.

Assistive Technology (AT) is any item that bridges an access gap or barrier so a person can work, learn, play, and connect with the community. Watch a video that describes AT: "What is Assistive Technology"Opens an external site in a New Window.

Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) means all the ways we communicate in addition to or instead of talking. It also means the tools that support communication. Learn more about AAC at the ASHA website. Opens an external site in a New Window

The Center for Accessible Technology (C4AT) has been bridging digital divides for people with disabilities since 1983. We support people facing access and communication barriers: students, adults, employees, veterans, and seniors. We work with individuals, employers, educators, and families to identify and implement access and communication solutions. We provide evaluation, consultation, setup, and training services for people with disabilities who need access to digital tools, and/or access to employment or education through digital tools.

C4AT works with individuals with all types of disabilities, and we specialize in helping people whose complex access needs do not fall neatly into a single disability category – for example, a person who has combined physical, communication, and learning challenges.

We also offer presentations on a variety of AT and AAC issues to groups in person and online.


Initial consultations are free. Follow-up services are $150/hr.


Contact C4AT to learn more about our AT & AAC services, and to sign up for a free consultation. If you have specific access questions, select our appointment calendar scheduler Opens an external site in a New Window to reserve a time to talk with an AT Specialist.