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Digital Accessibility


C4AT provides consulting services to organizations on digital accessibility.

The Center for Accessible Technology (C4AT) will work with a client and their internal teams (designers, developers, project managers, leadership) over time to assess and support ongoing accessibility issues, remediation, implementation. C4AT will also work with a client to develop a plan of action after assessing and prioritizing existing issues. Accessibility implementation, including remediation, can require iterative work and problem-solving over time, and during our work we will emphasize the importance of bringing accessibility into current mindsets and existing processes. Establishing a partnership to work through issues, build-capacity, and conduct maintenance reviews recognizes that accessibility work is an ongoing part of development.


Agreed upon number of hours a month of work, from 1 to up to 12 months, with specific deliverables and services agreed upon from below:

Capacity Building

Set up accessibility office hours for staff to consult on A11Y issues. Training: Workshops on key accessibility topics: Examples: Introduction to assistive technology, Introduction to web accessibility Review: C4AT will schedule and conduct a review to ensure that all issues detailed in the initial evaluation have been corrected Usability Testing: Access to C4AT usability testing bank. We can facilitate usability testing sessions with a variety of users with disabilities who use assistive technology ranging from screen readers to speech recognition to switch devices to screen magnification software.