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  For appointments with our staff, call: (510) 841-3224

School Services


C4AT has been working with Bay Area schools since 1983.

Over the past 32 years, we’ve worked with more than 38 Bay Area School districts and over 200 individual schools to ensure that children with disabilities access their education. . We continue to provide direct services for students, training for staff, and consultation with the IEP team on Assistive Technology.


We provide services for children with a wide range of disabilities and medical conditions including:

The process is easy to get started. In order to work with a student with a disability, we need a Purchase Order or a contract and an ISA (Individual Service Agreement) from the District.

Working Directly with District Staff

Assistance from Afar

For schools that are outside the Bay Area, the Center for Accessible Technology provides long distance consultation to assist IEP Teams in determining appropriate AT and AAC options.

C4AT staff can review student IEPs and reports, and recommend tool trials. We are also available for phone and email consultation for trouble-shooting, curriculum adaptations & modifications, and questions about appropriate technologies.

For more information, email us at