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 Center for Accessible Technology 40 Years of Service

Accessibility (a11y) Audits


The Center for Accessible Technology (C4AT) will provide a website and/or app audit top review compatability with WCAG 2.2 A/AA Guidelines.   Audits can be customized to meet clients' specific needs.  Download a PDF about our standard high level a11y audits.

Audit Tasks

The website or app will be tested against the WCAG 2.2 A & AA level standards. Tests will include:

Usability Testing

Audit pages/components with a usability tester. The client is invited to attend these sessions. We test with users with disabilitiesS who use assistive technology ranging from screen readers, speech recognition, switch devices to screen magnification software.


Results of testing are documented and each identified issue includes: Issue Title, Issue Description, Location, Environment (Device, OS, Browser, Assistive Tech), Priority/Severity.

If applicable, an identified issue may contain one or more of the following:

Review Meeting

C4AT will reserve time to provide feedback on the audit report and discuss questions.