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 Center for Accessible Technology 40 Years of Service

Digital Accessibility Training

The Center for Accessibile Technology currently offers the following training sessions to organizations:

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Introduction to Digital Accessibility

This training focuses on the basics of digital accessibility and 10 common issues found on websites and in apps that make them less accessible. The sessoin answers the What, who when, where and why of digital accessibility and how to address the 10 issues.

Build Your Accessibility Testing Toolkit

Learn about techniques and tools for testing your websites and apps. Learn how to test your site for keyboard accessibility, learn about bookmarklets for a11y testing, and find out more about screen readers and testing among other testing tips.

Accessible Names for Developers

Learn how to give your buttons, links and forms accessible names so that a screen reader user can have context for these interactions and more efficiently and effectively navigate your site.

Introduction to Disability Awareness.

Disability Awarenss. What is it? Why is it important? and other questions will be explored. This training can support call center staff, customer service professionals and others who would benefit from having a foundation in disability awarenss in order to better serve their customers.

Document Accessibility: Word, Excel, Powerpoint

Learn best practices and tips for making your Word, Excel, and Powerpoint documents more accessible.

Create Accessible Fillable PDF Forms

In this training, you will learn the basics of making an accessible PDF form, including how to create text input fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, required fields and more.